Increase the White Population!->This is nonviolent

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The white New Zealanders have to massively increase their birthrates!----------> The white New Zealander birthrate is very low and whites will become a minority in New Zealand unless they massively increase their birthrates!------>Increase the White Population will do whatever it takes to start a massive campaign to increase the white New Zealander birthrate!

30-40 million whites in New Zealand!------->We want to massively increase the white population in New Zealand to anywhere from 30 million white people to 40 million white people!

----->Increase the White Population will do whatever it takes to massively increase the white New Zealander birthrate!------>White New Zealanders have a very low fertility rate, at 1.77. Our goal is to triple the white birthrate from  around 1.77 to 5.31 for each white couple, or at least double it 3.44 for each white couple!----->(1.77 is a very low white birthrate, you need at least 2.33 to just sustain a population, with the current white birth rate of somewhere around 1.77, the white population is declining!)--->Source, New Zealand Government, on 01/07/2011 I looked up this statistic. 

Increase the White Population will do whatever it takes to increase the white New Zealander birthrate! Here are just a few examples:

-----------> Internet mass marketing, including internet marketing, internet videos and movies, internet shows, and other internet methods designed to bring about a mass awareness of increasing the white birthrate!

----------->Direct marketing (meeting people in person) and other marketing methods outside of the Internet.

----------->Public events and corporate events and conventions.

----------->Classes and education programs designed to let white people, especially young white people, about the importance of the need for white people to increase their birthrate.

----------->We will also use any other means possible so we can do whatever it takes to increase the white birthtrate! (We always want new suggestions and new ideas on doing whatever it takes to increase the white birthrate!  Please e-mail us at if you have any new ideas or suggestions on what we can do to Increase the White Population. 

--------->One method we want to use to increase the white population is a massive marketing campaign that is letting each and every single white New Zealander know that we have to massively increase the white birthrate. Here is one of the letters that we want to send to each and every single white New Zealander at least once a week!------>This mass marketing e-mail  letter that we will send every week to white New Zealanders is designed to bring about a mass awareness of, "As whites, we have to massively increase our birthrates or else we will become a minority!" 

If you do not want to receive these e-mails please e-mail us at and only put the words "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject so we can see it and actually read the e-mail (we get lots of e-mails) and clearly delete it. Thank you.

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Increase the White Population is not racist towards others in any way whatsoever! It is a peaceful, nonviolent, happy movement that is designed to increase the white birthrate that will never discriminate against others in any way whatsoever, we just want whites to increase their birthrates

------------- Increase the White Population has a 100% support for our militaries, including our air, land, and sea forces! We ask everyone we know to join, help, or support your military in any way that you can! (This is our free speech political opinion!)----------------------------------->Also, because we are proud to be white and we have to help and support each other as white people, we also ask that you please try and buy products and sevices from companies that are based in countries with lots of white people, like buy from companies that are in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, European countries (buy Mercedes or BMW instead of Lexus or Acura), the United States (buy Ford , General Motors, Chrysler, Hewlett-Packard, or Dell instead of Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Sony, Toshiba, etc., etc.). (This is a free speech opinion and only an opinion and you have the right to buy from any country that you like whenever you like.)---------------------------------------------------------

Hi, this is Increase the White Population and we want to massively increase the white New Zealander population.

There is strength in numbers! If New Zealand has a much higher population than they currently do, they will become a very powerful nation.

Our goals are: (these statistics are rough estimates)

30 million to 40 million White New Zealanders

The white New Zealander population is on its way to becoming a minority. We want to massively increase the white New Zealander population to at least 30 million, and then to 40 million!   

We want to send this message to each and every single white New Zealander at least once a week:

HI, this message might sound very unusual, yet, it will increase the white New Zealander birthrate, and, as white New Zealanders, we have to massively increase our white birthrates because our white birthrates are too low and we will become a "Superminority"* unless we increase out birthrates! (*This is our opinion!)

Hi, the white New Zealander population is declining and it will even become a minority unless we increase the white birthrate! The main reason it is declining is because whites are not having enough babies! We want to massively increase the white New Zealander birthrate. Let’s increase the white birthrate by encouraging all white males/females (18-45?) to have more children.

As white New Zealanders, it is important that we copy and send this message to every white New Zealander that we know over and over again. Our goal is to get millions of white New Zealanders to give this message to each other at least once a week (through contacting, e-mailing, texting, the Internet, etc.). That way, we can create a mass consciousness to massively increase our birthrates, thereby doubling or tripling our population within one or two generations. (Our goal is to create a mass feeling of Let's Increase the White Population!)


These messages will be designed to massively increase the white New Zealander birthrate!


We are always looking for corporate sponsors and any help we can get from businesses or individuals! For example, if this "corporation or business" supports Increase the White Population, then we, as white New Zealanders (which are still the wealthiest "race" in New Zealand when comparing demographics), will buy from the corporation!---->If you are a corporation or business interest that  is interested in helping us (and it could be very profitable for you), then please e-mail us at and only put the words "Increase the White Population possible sponsor" in the subject. We will contact you very soon.


Hi, my name is M. Eric Thorson and I am the founder of Increase the White Population! -------->I am proud of the fact that we are peaceful, happy, and nonviolent and that we are not a negative, racist organization towards any other race in any way whatsoever! We just want whites to have a higher birthrate